Sport activities

Sport cynology

I've been training dogs for about 15 years. I have been in many races with my dogs and achieved the highest exams in sporting cynology. I'm a trainer at the basic cynology organization Pyšely. I also provide private counselling in dog education and training, as well as organising sports events, training and various seminars dealing with dog education and training.

The white Swiss shepherd is classified as a social breed. However, a typical characteristic of these unique animals is the easy savvy, the controllability, the ability to preserve learned skills in the long term. Except poorly managed and socialized individuals, white Swiss shepherds are very friendly dogs, suitable for family, small children and also for the garden as devoted guardians of the "herd"... of the family.

Thanks to many years of experience in sport cynology and dog breeding, I became involved in socializing (getting used to sounds, different environments, smells, movements etc) of my dogs even before the so-called puppy training. We takes it for granted that puppies are in contact with strangers and dogs.

Our dogs regularly participate in sport training. We train professionally with great dedication, regularly prepares for IGP exams - international training of working dogs according to the programme of the international cynology organisation FCI.

Barnet Abraska has achieved outstanding results and ranked among the best working Swiss shepherds in the world. Exams IGP 3, IPO 1-2, BH, IPO VO, FPR 1, FPR 2, SPR 1-3, ZVV 2, ZVV 1, ZM , ZZO 1, ZOP, Canisterapeutic exam. We also participated in many races together, including competition with other breeds, under the patronage of ČMKU and ČKS, the Czech Republic White Swiss Shepherd Championships, where Barnet became a champion in the ZVV 1 category (track, obedience, defense) with the best defense of the race

Artemis and I also participate regularly in training and have also achieved success in many exams, ZZO, ZZO 1, ZM, BH, BH -VT, FPR 1, Canisterapeutic exam. She also won a beautiful 4th place in the ZZO 1 category at the small WSS club championship.

Viking in his 15 months has already demonstrated his competence in the preparation of sport training. He regularly trains for his qualifications and raising the level of working dog. He has also started his exhibition career in puppy and young class where with his titles Very promising at the region exhibition Týn n/ Vltava and CACIB Nitra SK titles CAJC BOJ BOB, he has demonstrated his exterior strengths, and among working dogs he is working on his qualifications with regular trainings.


A typical Swiss shepherd's job is to graze the sheep and guard the herd. To affirm this distinctive breeding trait, we also try to train in this area and strengthen the natural instinct of this beautiful and wonderful breed.

I practice the discipline of grazing sheep with Artemis, who shows the right aptitude for it.

Water sports

The Swiss Shepherd is not only an active sports dog, but an excellent swimmer. In good weather, we regularly swim for physical fitness and, of course, for the amusement and relaxation of dogs. We are often at the Czech dams Slapy and Orlík or in the river Vltava, Otava, Sázava or just in the pool.