About us

Our kennel Barniko Line has in its breeding dogs having professional canistherapy license.

Our primary goal is to raise dogs sociable, friendly and obedient… plainly family friends just like this breed standard defines.

We breed dogs reaching the highest dog shows achievements, also passing many exams in sport cynology. Our dogs are top notch animals with outstanding exterior, all-purpose dogs suitable for sport, family life, training, even dog shows.

This is the reason why our whities live with us, taking trips with us into nature and our dogs have plenty of time for various sport activities, but also time for regeneration or just having fun. Thanks to this, we can foster their temper and healthy condition.

I have been breeding White Swiss Shepherds since 2002. I have been training and breeding dogs since 1993.

When I brought home my first whitie in 2002, I had no idea at that time how much this breed would grow on me and how it would change my life.

We breed on top individuals with excellent character and exterior.

All of our dogs are in perfect health condition. We also insist on excellent facilities for breeding both our adult dogs and puppies born in our kennel.

If you are looking for a family dog, a friend, a dog for trips, suitable for dog sports, but also a dog partner for resting on the couch with you. ..If you want a dog that can guard, is active, but at the same time likes people and can be a partner for children, then a White Swiss Shepherd is exactly a dog that meets this. They are a social dog and very adaptable, they are satisfied everywhere in our company, where their caring owner who understands them.

We try to breed such dogs in our kennel, even by careful selection of planned connections of breeding individuals. One of the very important things is the proper socialization of the puppy, practically from birth to adulthood.

A dog simply means a lot to us for all of us who have him at home and who caress him every day, take care of him or sometimes "just" bury our fingers in his fur. He is our partner, friend - he is someone who welcomes us in the door again and never ceases to be happy to see us. It means a lot to us, but maybe not many times we don't realize how much. I believe that the choice of a puppy is very important for us and for future owners.

White Swiss Shepherd as family dog

Our white Swiss Shepherds - Barnet, Artemis and Viking are excellent partners and great members of our family. They love children, they like to participate in their games, they make sure that nothing happens to them.

Practically, We will not move without them. We like to spend our holidays together with our dog partners and there are not many days for us to spend without them. Our whities play tennis with us, jump into the water and swim in the river, ride scooters, pull children on sledges, and climb with children the monkey track.

Our White Swiss Shepherds love people and are always ready to be close to us. Our youngest member of the pack, Viking, inherited an amazing character from his parents Barnet and Billow, he is calm, balanced, playful and showed a super balanced character already at puppy age. He is an excellent dog in preparation for Dog Therapy. Barnet and Artemis have proven their talent in this area and regularly help in the treatment of the elderly and handicapped children


The greatest successes are passed three-part exams ZM, ZVV1, ZZV2, IPO 1,2, among fantastic successes passing exp. IGP 3 and exp. CANISTERAPEUTIC. It is one of the most important exams we have and entitles us to work as a professional canisteraput. It is an examination of the canis therapy team - handler and dog.